The proposed paper is going to review and assess the different ways of achieving more robust mooring system as requested by some operators/contractors. This review is not limited to design activities but also integrates impacts of procurement, transport, installation and operation phases onto the overall integrity of such mooring system. In addition the benefits of proper Asset Integrity Management System associated with Inspection and Monitoring programs throughout the life of the installation will be highlighted. Also identifications of some key areas will be presented, such as corrosion, where a better understanding/knowledge of the involved phenomena will lead to a noticeable improvement of Integrity. Finally the paper is going to compare variations in the design of a mooring system based on different levels of design reliability target, for two typical mooring systems in Cyclonic area.


The potential environmental and economic consequences of a mooring system failure demands careful consideration and understanding of the achieved level of integrity of the mooring system in terms of strength and motion extremes. It is clearly identified that mooring systems on Floating Production Systems are category 1 safety critical systems (Noble Denton Europe Limited, 2006). Multiple mooring line failure could put lives at risk both on the drifting unit and on surrounding installations. There is also a potential pollution risk. Research to date indicates that there is an imbalance between the critical nature of mooring systems and the attention which they receive. The proposed paper is reviewing the various steps necessary to design, procure, transport and install a mooring system while maintaining the same level of integrity. It is no use to carefully design a mooring system while the transport or the installation may damage some of the components. Enforcing integrity is an overall process and needs to cover the whole range of such various activities for consistency purposes.

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