The paper describes the first full scale tests on a real membrane containment system subjected to action of breaking waves representative of sloshing impacts in LNG tanks. The waves were generated in a water flume using a wave focusing method. The tests were carried out within the Sloshel project which is described in several accompanying papers. This paper focuses on describing the test method, the experimental setup and the post processing of the data collected in 110 tests. The paper explains how the project goals were translated into the design of the test setup and the instrumentation. After that, it describes an extensive qualification of data acquisition system and sensors. Emphasis is on the sensors developed within the project such as pressure gauges and a novel optical sensor capturing the last stage of sloshing impact. The test programme and some preliminary results are summarised. Conclusions regarding system performance, data quality and the use of data for achieving the project goals are given.


The Sloshel project is introduced in the paper by Brosset, Mravak, Kaminski, Collins & Finnigan (2009). The Sloshel experiment was designed to collect full scale data describing sloshing impacts and associated structural response. This data set will be used to verify different assessment methods of membrane type containment systems subjected to sloshing. Conventional sloshing assessments of new membrane LNG carriers traditionally follow the comparative approach that is based on smallscale model testing, numerical simulations and over 40 years of successful operating experience of LNG carriers. Model testing provides the maximum loads, based on statistical analysis of measured pressures. The response of the containment system to these loads is numerically simulated and checked against different limit states. However, with the filling level limitation on the current fleet, experience is lacking to support comparative methods for partially filling cargo tanks.

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