Due to the rapid increase of human population, lots of fragile hillslopes near to the populous counties and cities lead to the high occurrence probability of natural disasters. When the heavy rainfalls or typhoons occur, many counties are unavoidable to suffer the debris-flow and flood disasters. It is urgently required to design an effective disaster information system to assist the disaster protection and alerting works. The designed Disaster Prevention Information System (DPI) is a three-tier system composed of the mobile users, multimedia servers, and disaster decision server. Based on DPI system, mobile users can utilize mobile appliances via the GPRS and wireless networks to transmits and retrieve the disaster information including news, pictures, audios, and videos in real-time. To accurately identify the disaster locations, DPI system adopts the Convex Hull Algorithm and Spatial Interpolation Methods to effectively determine the GIS illustration and GPS position function. DPI system provides the realistic flood disaster simulation and the determined emergent escape route using 3D virtual reality technology.


There are more and more nature calamities happen in Taiwan in recent years. Those disasters cause often the serious nature destruction after torrential rain, an earthquake, and then creating the heavy losses of people's lives and properties. After the torrential rain and typhoon (Haitang, Matsa, and Talim) would be battering every area of Taiwan in June of 2005, and it had heavy rain and typhoon (Bilis, Kaemi, and Bopha) in Taiwan in May of this year (2006), there were no safe counties in Taiwan. For example, the "0612 torrential rain"was flood Pingtung country in 2005. The strong typhoon Haitang destroyed Fang-Guang bridge on Hengchun Peninsula, the south circle railway and highway broke down from Kaohsiung to Pingtung totally. There are many sediment disasters in mountain area to cause the damage of people's lives and properties.

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