Experimental research remains important for evaluating the performance of offshore structures and ships in waves. To conduct useful experiments, it would be advantageous to first develop a high- performance absorbing wave-maker that can generate both regular and irregular waves. The construction of such a wave-maker is investigated in this study via wave-maker theory and wave-absorbing theory. Concerns have been raised recently regarding the configuration of wave basins, because researchers are doubtful as to whether the commonly used configuration of a rectangular wave tank is a suitable geometry within which to conduct experiments.

This review paper presents a summary of the theory of wave generation and wave absorption, as well as a new experimental concept and results of investigations based on the above theories.


There are many towing tanks throughout the world, with almost all of them being rectangular in geometry. A rectangular configuration became popular because Dr.W. Froude first carried out a resistance test in still water within a rectangular towing tank. With increased demand for information on the performance of ships in waves, wave-makers have gradually become standard equipment upon the terminals of towing tanks. A tank equipped with a wave-maker is called a wave-making basin (or wave-making tank) from the perspective of seakeeping and ocean engineering research groups. In terms of results, experiments that focus on head waves and/or following waves can be conducted fluently using a wave-making basin.

To assess the economic, safety, and reliability aspects of ships more accurately, it is important to evaluate their performance when subjected to directional waves. Naturally, the scope of experiments using wave-making basins has expanded over time to consider the performance of ships in real-sea conditions. To estimate such conditions, the rectangular basin must be widened and equipped with wave-makers on two sides.

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