It is the objective of this research to develop practical estimation methodologies for responses of motion and the mooring force on a floating structure in shallow seas. In the present paper, the estimation methodology is introduced. The Tsunami propagation is numerically simulated from the hypocenter to shallow sea after an initial Tsunami elevation around sea area above the hypocenter is predicted by using Manshinha-Smylie's method The numerical simulation is carried out two-dimensionally It is assumed that the floating structure is moored by catenary chains in shallow sea around Japanese Island The two-dimensional boundary integral method is applied to a computation of the Tsunami propagations on a floating structure. The convolution integral method is applied to the prediction of the motion response with the catenary mooring tethers. In the present paper, some tools of parts of system are verified. The analysis method for the Tsunami exciting forces based on the 2-D BEM simulation program code is verified by comparing with the experimental results and another simulation results, The characteristics of responses due to the difference of Tsunami wave profile are discussed.


Tsunami occurring at deep water field is propagated to shallow water field amphfying its height Therefore, it is very important to investigate the effects of Tsunami for responses of motion and mooring tethers of a floating structure. In this paper, the validity of parts of system was confirmed. The validity of computer program code for a numerical simulation of Tsunami elevation and Tsunami exciting forces was continued from comparisons between the results of model experiments and numerical simulations. The dispersing waves and the equivalent solitary waves were applied to a Tsunami wave profile and the characteristics of responses due to the difference of Tsunami wave profiles were discussed and also the propagated Tsunami profile were examined.

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