A multi-block numerical method is presented for the simulation of floating body motion affected by incident linear and fully nonlinear waves. The simulation is acquired by the Laplace method which is a potential flow solver using the Finite Analytic Method (FAM) developed by Chen (1995). A ship hull has fixed, prescribed, and freely floating motions with incident waves. Fully nonlinear waves are generated using prescribed and freely floating ship hull. In order to investigate nonlinear free surface wave interaction, the ship hull is oscillated in sway or heave directions while incident wave is approaching to the ship. Furthermore, the freely floating ship moving with three degree of freedom in heave, sway, and roll is implemented.


The simulation of ocean floating structure interacted by wave/current has been very important subject in industry for theoretical, experimental, and numerical studies in past decades. The ocean floating structure may include spar buoy, TLP (Tension Leg Platform), semi-submersibles and FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading). The analyses of motion and load responses about these structures have been focused on deep water industry for oil production and storage. Previously, small motion of wave-body simulation was concentrated using frequency linear approach due to slow computers and low memory capacity. Due to advanced computer technology, people have been moved to large amplitude nonlinear motion analysis. Various methods for nonlinear large structure motion simulation have been developed in time domain. Michael and lsaacson (1982) provided a three dimensional numerical method for calculating the interaction of nonlinear ocean waves with large fixed or floating structures using complete boundary value problem by an integral equation method based on Green's theorem. Yeung and Ananthakrishnan (1992) considered the nonlinear viscous flow problem associated with the heaving motion without wave.

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