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Assurance of a successful and environmentally sound long-term cuttings injection program requires monitoring and periodic analysis of injection performance response. Such a program provides for operational oversight and the ability to identify changes in performance response or trends, thereby providing for modification of operating parameters to optimize performance and minimize the negative impact of unexpected responses.

An implementation of this process has been instituted for a remote, pad-drilled site located in a nature preserve in the Amazonian rainforest of Peru. The development of natural gas reserves at Camisea has extreme environmental sensitivity and injection of the generated drill cuttings was recognized as a technically and environmentally acceptable alternative for drilling location waste management.

The paper will discuss the issues encountered in implementing and operating the DCI project at Cashiriari. Higher than anticipated initial injection pressures were indicative of the stress regime of the region and required an adjustment in thinking with respect to operating parameters and performance expectations. Performance has been contingent on successful inhibition of the reactive clays adjacent to the relatively thin sandy target zones. Continuous monitoring has allowed projections of the closure pressure increases associated with batch injection through time, providing a prediction of future performance and disposal capacity. Information gathered from monitoring operations has allowed for performance improvement and/or minimization of potential problems identified. At this point in time, the operation has successfully injected nearly 200,000 bbls of cuttings through careful management of batch attributes and adaptation to operating realities.

Recognition of the need for well designed and implemented programs to monitor injection performance is critical for the industry in the future. Operational and environmental assurance derived from such programs provides long term operational viability and social acceptance of cuttings injection as a safe means of waste management.

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