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The North Kuwait (NK) long term strategy is designed to increase its oil production as per Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) development plans. North Kuwait's production to date is characterized by large, massive reservoirs undergoing natural depletion supported by strong natural aquifer drives and, in some reservoirs, natural aquifer support is supplemented by waterflooding. In order to maintain production, the current primary and secondary (waterflood) recovery mechanisms must be advanced into secondary and tertiary (EOR) in the main NK reservoirs. To date, there is zero EOR production from KOC reservoirs. Very limited lab work has been conducted with majority of it on NK reservoirs. These experiments include (1) Swelling tests, (2) Slim-tube tests, (3) Composite core immiscible tertiary Gasflood. This study is the first to define a comprehensive EOR lab studies in a systematic manner to assess the EOR potential in NK. The study focuses on gas injection EOR option, as more than 90% of NK reservoirs are suitable candidates for this method. The injectant gases considered are pure and impure CO2, N2, and hydrocarbon gases. This paper presents a review of the previous lab work, and recommend to perform additional laboratory tests for each major reservoir in NK. Specific attention is focused on KOC limited gas injection experiments. These tests have been a useful tool for EOR screening of NK reservoirs, as:

  1. Equation of State (EOS) has been developed and used for simulation these injection studies,

  2. One-Dimensional (1D) slim-tube compositional simulation models were built using the matched EOS to validate slim-tube test data,

  3. Additionally, the available Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) correlations were used for comparison.

The paper also presents the approach to predict the MMP of NK reservoir fluids with various injection gases other than the gases used in the actual experiments.

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