This reference is for an abstract only. A full paper was not submitted for this conference.


The global Oil and Gas industry that not so long ago had the pick of the best graduates from the best Universities now finds itself struggling to convince young people that it is the place to be in the 21st century. Coupled with a demand from the existing workforce to have more influence over their development and career direction, this led Shell EP International to detail its offering in the People in EP (eXp) Framework.

eXp is more than an employee value proposition, it is a transparent set of linked global processes that clearly define the role of both company and individual in the development process. It specifies people commitments, standards, processes and products. The design was the outcome of several years work aimed at understanding the needs of today's professional, it is accessible at the Desktop at anytime in any time zone and is used for staff engagement.

To review all the processes in the time available would not be possible. This proposal will focus, therefore, on recruitment, skill pool management and professional learning.

A subject such as this is best served visually. It would therefore be our preference, should the Programme Committee agree, to make a Power Point presentation of the eXp framework to the Conference.

Key elements of that presentation would be:

  1. An overview and explanation of the Framework

  2. Global Recruitment

    • Drive to recruit from non-traditional areas

    • Graduate Assessment Centres

    • Recruitment of experienced professionals

  3. Skill Pool Management

    • Skill Pool structure and ownership

    • Managed Open Resourcing

    • Competence Based Development

    • Job Experience Navigator

    • Leadership Talent Pipeline

  4. Professional Learning

    • Shell Open University, a single learning portal

    • Learning delivery

    • Blended Learning

    • Work Place Learning

Shell works in partnership with Governments and National Oil and Gas Companies in many parts of the world, no more so than in the Middle Eastregion. The tools and processes described are available to our joint venture companies to ensure that regional staff are developed to the highest professional standards including work assignments in many of our ventures worldwide.

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