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Excessive water production is often associated with mature fields. The source could be from the aquifer providing reservoir energy or waterflood process used for sweep enhancement. The adverse effect on oil production and reserves requires that a remedial action should be implemented to minimise the overall impact. An effective remedial action requires the identification the source of the problem.

This paper discussed the use of intelligent well technology to control the amount of water production from a multi-lateral well in a mature asset in order to maximize overall oil production. The multilateral wells were drilled to connect the identified sweet spots and boost oil recovery. The field water cutranges from 20% to 100% with an average of about 75%. The main challenge facing the asset is improving waterflood efficiency and reducing percent water cut of produced fluids. As a solution, the operator installed a Digital HydraulicTM Smart Well system that allows for isolation of each lateral branch in the producers. This system enables an independent control of the contribution of each lateral for production optimisation. This same isolation technology can be applied to water injection wells to improve the waterflooding efficiency. The system consists of remotely operated binary position control valves and downhole packers that isolate water producing areas of the well. An ESP installation is integrated with the provision of a hydraulic disconnect, allowing the replacement of the ESP without affecting the lower completion. The disconnect tool provides re-establishment of hydraulic control line continuity upon ESP replacement.

Production tests carried out after two months of installation indicate a significant reduction in water-cut from 99% to 71% resulting in over 400%increase in oil production. Additional oil ultimate recovery is estimated to be about 5.6 million cubic metres. This case study demonstrates the ability of the intelligent well system to identify and control the production of unwanted water without intervention, accelerate production, increase ultimate recovery and lower operating cost.

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