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Hassi Messaoud oil field was discovered in 1956. With its reserves (OOIP) of several billion m3 in place, the HMD field is considered to be a giant one. The large extension of the field and the presence of fault barriers and the facieslateral variation have confirmed the nonuniform depletion throughout the field. The initial reservoir pressure was 482 bars and has been declining abruptly in some areas of the reservoir with field exploitation. The estimated low primary recovery by natural depletion has justified the requirement of applying a nearly enhanced recovery project. Considering standard screening criteria, miscible gas injection in some zones and water injection in others have been implemented. With time field exploitation became complex with water and gasbreak through.

In the past decade more than a hundred of horizontal wells have been drilled, in other hand, the interest in re-entry of existing wells keepsgrowing. The objective is to develop the field B's low permeability heterogeneous areas where sweep efficiencies and recovery factors using conventional wells are unsatisfactory. The extensive use of the technique appears to be a vital tool to economically extend the life of this maturing field, maintain its production plateau and achieve a high recovery rate. The horizontal well contribution in total field production keeps increasing. These are not only beneficial for productivity enhancement, but they also improve inter well reservoir characterization, identify fractures and lateral variation of facies, using data recorded along the laterals. This information will help to get more accurate reservoir model with usable uncertainty.

This study evokes various technical issues related to the evaluation of production performances, decline and reservoir monitoring and forecasts optimization. It discusses in detail the results and highlights the experience learned from this technology.

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