Well Construction Automation is gradually becoming more prominent in oil & gas industry. It encompasses the application of digital technology in all aspects of well drilling and completion (i.e., automatic well design, digi-talization of downhole tools & surface equipment, remote monitoring, real time data transmission, and robotic rig systems). This paper presents a new workflow of Automatic Well Design, at a mere click of a computer mouse, using integrated cloud software.

A software tool, named WellDesign, is used to demonstrate Automatic Well Design workflow. It utilizes net-works and cloud computers for data storage and collaboration and offers a set of Application Programming In-terfaces (APIs), enabling full automation, where whole or parts of the software can be operated by other com-puters. The software GUI can be accessed via any modern web browser across all kinds of computers (Win-dows, Macs) and any other smart devices (tablets, phones).

Two automatic design workflows shall be illustrated in detail:

  1. Automatic Well Trajectories

  2. Automatic Casing Design

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