Rotary percussion drilling has gained increasing interest in the oil and gas industries because of its high drilling efficiency and good deviation control [1, 2]. In this work, a rotary percussion-based drilling tool is successfully deployed in a test well, and demonstrates a convincing enhancement of the rate of penetration (ROP).

In the test, the rotary percussion tool drilled through a 12 1/4″ hole section with excellent ROP, under a high mud weight (MW) condition of 120 pcf (Pound per cubic feet). The result shows a 22% enhancement on average ROP, and 31% enhancement on instantaneous ROP comparing to the best performing offset well offset well drilled in the same condition.

This paper covers the principle of a rotary percussion-based hammer tool, details in rotary percussion drilling parameters design and bit selection considerations for the effective coupling with the hammer tool. In addition, the paper uses an example of a high MW application to evaluate the overall performance of the tool in ROP enhancement.

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