The present paper proposes an alternative to small offshore platforms with tripods and four-legged jackets by a single-pile structure for shallow water depths. The pile will be driven into seabed without a jacket and stability of the structure against environmental loads will be ensured by a few tie members connected to seabed with the help of specially-designed small concrete foundations. Tie members will be bolted to both the pile and the foundation. Four different cases of single-pile structures in three different water depths (20.0m, 31.5m and 15.0m) are presented. Omnidirectional waves of 10.0m height along with wind and current are considered in the study. Analytical method is suggested to simulate interaction of concrete foundations with soil that can be easily implemented in structural analysis. Structural design is performed as per API RP 2A working stress design method. The results indicate that the proposed single-pile structures have considerable reserve strength against failure due to extreme environmental loads and impact from medium sized boats.

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