As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize the industries around with innovations that make work easy and fast, its’ use in the Oil and Gas Industry has been quite limited. With the technology available to us, artificial intelligence ought to revolutionize the Oil and Gas Industry, mainly by time-saving and increasing the ease of operation. This study uses deep learning to predict the lithology of the formations encountered with the use of open-hole log data. It also works to calculate the porosity of the hydrocarbon bearing formation using the density and neutron values. The trained program analyses and assimilates the log values to indicate the lithology, reducing the time of the operation during the exploration stage. If used as a real-time indicator, the program ought to ease the drilling operation. With drilling being one of the costliest operations, any ease in the process that saved time would be a boon to the Industry. The paper gives a summary of the technique used and discusses the work that could further strengthen the operation at hand.

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