ADGAS Train III Acid Gas Removal Unit, removes, H2S and CO2 from the feed gas. It is a hybrid arrangement of the Benfield Carbonate unit and Amine technologies. In the Carbonate Unit, using Potassium Carbonate as solvent, the bulk of the Acid Gas is removed. After absorbing H2S & CO2, rich carbonate solution exits the absorber to the Regeneration loop for stripping the absorbed acid gases namely H2S & CO2.

Presence of liquid hydrocarbons & particulates in the carbonate systems causes foaming in the circuitry. To prevent the buildup of particulates in the circulating carbonate solution, a side stream of the lean carbonate flow passes through a filtration pump and a mechanical filter of cartridge type. The cartridge is loaded with cotton disposable filters, of 10 microns size.

In addition to the particulate filtration system, Activated Carbon Filters, 2T-308A/B are installed to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from the circulating carbonate solution.

Logistic issues delayed the arrival of fresh stock of filter elements of 10 micron size, and the available stock was consumed fast due to slippage of particulate matter from Activated Carbon Filters, 2T-308A. The alternate source of Filer elements of 50 micron size could not be mobilized due to lack of supply in the market. Foaming coupled with lack efficient filtration threatened heavy production loss.

At this juncture, a redundant, microfiber filter elements of shorter length were located in the store and a calculated strategy to alter the available filter elements to suit the requirement was made. By altering and using the Micro-clean elements the system was fast restored to normalcy ensuring a stable production I short period of time. By avoiding plant trip and restart, the in house modification of the filer element saved close to 2.5 million US$

(This paper was selected as Technical Poster for GPA-GCC Chapter Conference on March 12-14, 2019 in Kuwait)

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