Integrated Well Delivery (IWD) Program also known as Digital Well Factory Program is a large cross-functional transformation effort designed to help unconventional oil & gas operators successfully transition and ramp up from exploration phase to development phase. The purpose of the program is to establish a state-of-the-art integrated well delivery capability (referred to as "agile well factory") leveraging the best practices of the unconventional resources industry as well as the latest digital technologies & tools.

IWD program relies on five fundamental concepts that underpin the "digital well factory" vision: Transparency, Connectivity, Adaptability, Collaboration & Cross-Functional Integration. The program was designed to look at well factory performance from a 360-degree perspective and thus is structured around a comprehensive framework of 6 interdependent building blocks:

Well Delivery Performance Advanced Analytics

Well Delivery Zero-based Process Transformation

Well Delivery Integrated Planning & Scheduling Optimization

Well Delivery Process Agility & Automation

Well Delivery Mobility & Integrated Planning Center

Well Delivery Collaborative Operating Model

The end goal of the program is to evolve the operator’s organization into an agile, intelligent, automated & highly efficient well factory. On the one hand, the program aims at making the company capable of smoothly delivering hundreds of wells per year on schedule and in record time & cost. And on the other hand, it aims at making the operator capable of continuously adapting itself based on lessons learned, data driven-insights, operational challenges, strategic changes, etc.

This paper describes the end state vision of the program, its value, approach, framework, key initiatives, management, as well as recommendations for any operator willing to embark on a similar journey.

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