The paper describes an innovative digital inspection methodology that combines 3D laser scanning, metrology and advanced NDT data that is merged in 3D space to provide a digital record of the condition and mechanical integrity of critical assets. This advanced inspection method compliments Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) programs where operators can use Real Time Monitoring (RTM) and digital data to support Digital Twin models in order to determine future equipment condition, work scope, and inspection schedules, while maintaining a complete digital record throughout the equipment lifecycle

Testing of the methodology has included 3D scanning of drill platforms, baseline scanning of BOPs, 3D metrology scanning of sheaves for quality assurance purposes as well as the use of augmented reality for viewing 3D scans. Phased Array testing has been conducted on a range of equipment sub-components such as BOP and slew ring bolting. This data is combined into a digital report that shows the 3D image of the equipment with precise dimensional data (+/-5 microns) and identified areas of phased array inspection data. Such reports can then be used for digital twin models, to confirm integrity of the equipment for Certificate of Conformance as well as providing baseline data for future integrity comparisons as the equipment ages.

This innovative and digital 3D inspection methodology will set a new standard for the industry as to how equipment data is captured, stored, and represented. The process provides a range of benefits for OEMs, drilling contractors, and operators alike, including:

Digital quality programs to baseline new equipment condition and compare with design parameters.

Deliver condition and integrity assessments of critical equipment items in-situ or on deck.

Providing a consistent methodology for inspection and dimensional control of operational equipment items.

Provide precise equipment digital data that can be used in digital twin and real time monitoring programs.

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