JZS oilfield is an offshore metamorphic rock fractured buried hill oilfield. It was put into development in July 2010. The overall production situation of the oilfield is good, but some problems have been exposed. The main performance is as follows: It is difficult to accurately characterize the heterogeneity of fracture space distribution; In the numerical simulation of fractured reservoir, it is impossible to accurately describe and predict the fracture flow of fluid channeling in corner point grid system.

In order to solve the above problems, this study presents a new integrated fractured reservoir geological modeling and numerical simulation research method based on unstructured grid. There are three key aspects to this method. (1) The multi-scale (large, middle and small) discrete fracture system is established by combining outcrop measurement data with well point information and seismic attributes. On the basis of post-stack 3D seismic data, ants attributes are extracted, then the ant body results are transformed into large scale fractures; Using azimuth anisotropy attribute based on pre-stack inversion and combining the distribution orientation of large-scale fractures, the middle-scale fractures are established; According to the power law distribution relation between the cumulative frequency and the fracture length of large scale and small scale which based on outcrop observation, the imaging logging data and pre-stack inversion azimuth anisotropy attribute, small scale fractures are constructed by DFN technology.(2) For multi-scale fractures, the unstructured grid division technique is used to build a 3D model that conforms to the heterogeneity of dual media. In this study, a layered triangular prism grid generation technique is proposed. It is used to establish model of multi-scale fractures based on unstructured grid. Using large-scale fractures as a constraint, full 3D unstructured grid model is set up, and the discrete fracture model can accurately describe the fracture system and the coupling relationship between matrix and the fracture;(3)The triple-medium numerical simulation of the reservoir in the study area is carried out by using the automatic history fitting technology of ensemble kalman filter (EnKF). After several parameter adjustments, both the coincidence rate of the index and the fitting precision are higher than before.

Multi-scale discrete fracture model based on the large-scale fractures discretization processing, equivalent medium processing to middle and small scale fractures, keeps the seepage characteristic of the large-scale discrete fractures model and ensures the calculation efficiency. The results show that the new method has obvious advantages in computing speed and that the fitting effect is closer to the actual production performance.

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