The studies involves several unique case for EOR fields in which crude oil samples were collected from from peninsular Malaysia and Borneo. These fields has different reservoir characteristic in pressure, temperature and gas composition. Five Crude Oil from EOR field were undergone Naphthenate acid extraction using acid IER techniques for further instrument analysis to classification of Naphthenate acid type's component. Comparison of soaps-microemulsion generated was then analyse using static bottle test and Naphthenates/Emulsions Flow Rig Tests. The findings shows the Malaysian crude oil is able to be classified by type of naphthenate acid which are mono-protic acid generating sodium carboxylate soap and tetraprotic acid known as ARN which leads to calcium naphthenate deposit. There are fields that located nearby each other has different characterization of crude and types of acids which leads to different type and severities of soaps-microemulsion and soaps-fines foams formation from apllied EOR chemical. Statics bottle test at higher water cuts shows significant differences with observation from Naphthenates/Emulsions Flow Rig Tests. From this paper classification of Naphthenate acid for Malaysian crude oil has been established with its behavior to induce Soaps-Microemulsion and Soap-Fines Foam in Malaysian EOR Fields using more representive method by Naphthenates/Emulsions Flow Rig Tests.

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