Competency is the ability to apply knowledge and skills to perform a specific task effectively and consistently within time frame and demonstrated by relevant behavior. Levels of competencies with knowledge and skills defined separately have been identified under different job families in Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) like Geoscience, Petroleum, Reservoir and Drilling Engineering. These competency levels can be equated with 4 internationally recognized levels of competencies i.e. Awareness, Basic Application, Skilled Application and Mastery.

The desire towards international standards of performance and increasing nationalization of technical manpower has caused a major shift in how the oil and gas industry trains and develops its workforce. Like Kuwait Oil Company, many companies are facing problems due to bimodal age distribution of their technical manpower i.e. a sizeable group of experienced personnel are close to their retirement age and a large pool of young professionals and new hires are joining the oil and gas sector with no or very little practical exposure. As a result there is a significant shortage of fully qualified, mid-level technical workforce to bridge this generation gap. Therefore, the need of the hour is a fast track development of these new hires to equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills in a shortest possible time.

In view of above objective, a competency based new hire's roadmap has been designed by KOC. The present paper has come out with an approach which is being implemented successfully to develop new hires on fast track basis. It involves four stages namely Familiarization, Customized Workshops (Discipline wise), Mandatory Foundation Assignments (MFA) and Career Path Oriented Project. After completion of the New Hires Roadmap, a technical employee may attain the competency level where He or She can perform routine tasks and related assignments independently.

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