In continuous pursuit of improving safety and operational standards in the drilling industry, Shell took a major step forward in the Middle East when Qatar Shell Services Company W.L.L. partnered with the local drilling contractor, Gulf Drilling International (GDI) in 2011 for operating the Al-Khor Jack up drilling rig.

During the course of this partnership, HSSE was identified as one of the main pillars to be recognized, developed, and reviewed continuously for compliance against key HSSE targets.

GDI the local drilling contractor in Qatar aspires to become one of the best in class drilling contractors. Qatar Shell is committed to assist GDI in achieving that goal by refining the safety leadership attributes within the GDI crew, developing the skills for effective use of HSSE tools, and focusing on performance and people.

Shell's vision in safety is "Goal Zero" which means having an incident free workplace. Qatar Shell's safety journey with GDI started with improving the safety culture in the workforce and focusing on preventing incidents. This was a crucial step in the beginning of the journey as the team had new staff, new rig and a new contract to cope with. In addition, the rig was supporting well testing operations and did not drill wells for the previous 2 years.

Qatar Shell has successfully implemented and contributed to both personal and process safety roadmaps on Al-Khor Rig by adopting, and continuously evolving the learnings and safety procedures that are implemented globally by Shell. A successful implementation of DROPS (Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme), Red Zone management, Hands Free working, and barrier ownership has had a significant impact on Shell operations globally. On the GDI Al Khor, the implementation of these safety drivers in the appraisal wells program led to a reduced number of incidents, comprising a total of 3 recordable incidents in 4 years of operations. In addition, to promote the safety culture onboard the reporting of unsafe STOP cards was encouraged.

On the rig, compliance continues to be measured, and leading HSSE indicators continue to be developed. The goals set by GDI and Qatar Shell will be achieved through continuous commitment and safety leadership. With the vision to constantly improve and uplift the safety culture on Al-Khor rig to become best in class, Qatar Shell's journey with GDI continues.

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