This paper illustrates how significant improvements were implemented for SHE&S (Safety, Health, Environment and Security) performance by Descon; a site Subcontractor organisation on the RasGas executed Barzan Onshore Project. Under contract to JGC, the project's primary EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor, Descon's work scope was to construct the Common Process South and Offsite facilities which have been completed.

At the outset of the project, Descon aligned their SHE&S (Safety, Health, Environment and Security) Management System with JGC's SHE&S management system, which is based on the EPC SHE&S contractual requirements provided by RasGas. However, in the early days of the project, Descon was incurring incidents at a frequency greater than the other seven subcontractors and also experienced the project's first Lost Time Incident (LTI) in July 2012. The paper evaluates the management system tools and practical actions that drove and sustained improvement of Descon's SHE&S management.

In response to incidents which had occurred, in the second half of 2012, Descon management made significant changes to their programme - including improvements to: SHE&S and craft training programmes; the site organisation; site SHE&S campaigns; enforcement of site SHE&S policies and procedures; and worker recognition. The improvements were also driven by various IIF (Incident and Injury Free) activities for ongoing engagement with the workers at the worksite and in the camps including: IIF site walks; social camp visits and management lunches with the workers; various camp sports; and educational and cultural activities. The improvement actions were captured within action plans, and key indicators were selected to monitor and measure the success of the programme. Since the July 2012 LTI and SHE&S programme overhaul, Descon established and sustained a positive safety culture with the workers and supervisors; worked 31 million man-hours without any additional LTIs; and clearly demonstrated leadership and innovation for SHE&S improvement on the project. This paper addresses how these improvements were accomplished and the actions that made these SHE&S programme improvements sustainable.

In summary, positive initiatives and actions taken by Descon ensured that the fundamentals of a SHE&S Management System were executed consistently and sustainably, with strong management commitment and buy-in by the workers and supervisors.

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