A cost-effective and innovative test setup serves to qualify the new, highly integrated formation evaluation tools. This setup shall help reduce the risks associated with the tool development and later shall integrate into the manufacturing test chain.

The setup is a 4.5 meter high stack of quarried rocks immersed in fresh water. From bottom to top the stack includes three equally thick layers: a porous sandstone, a low-porosity limestone and an azimuthal combination of both. A high quality 10.5 inch diameter hole traverses the three layers. The measurements are recorded in various conditions to characterize the tool's azimuthal and vertical response.

We discuss the requirements for this installation and provide technical details for the construction of the stack, in particular the procurement and the saturation procedure. Various trade-offs are reconciled between cost, time to delivery, operational and physical specifications. The geometrical arrangement of the rocks and their lithology can be customized for a particular tool. The setup itself can be dismantled, modified and even duplicated.

This testing facility adds value to the product development cycle and commercial qualification of the tool. This project illustrates the more general need for new, innovative test equipment and procedures to efficiently qualify and characterize new integrated technology. Key features of the setup which make its strength and value are highlighted as they should guide the design of any similar test equipment. The principle and techniques can be applied to the development of other well-logging tools. This paper focuses on nuclear measurements; however, the method can be extended to other measurements (e.g. electrical, acoustic,…).


A new platform integrating LWD triple combos is developed. It combines in a single collar, measurements from previous-generation tools along with a suite of more advanced measurements made possible thanks to pulsed neutron technology1,2. Figure 1 shows a drawing of the tool with a list of all the measurements.

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