Oil and gas plants and facilities are faced with major challenge these days, when they deal with HSE issues, such as incidents, emission, hygiene and waste management. Also providing the necessary and proper training to new employees is another major challenge. This paper discusses an innovative approach and solution, using modern and advanced solution to address these challenges and issues.


The complexity, huge facilities and strict regulations, imposed on Oil and gas operators, have resulted in major challenges those challenges can be summarized as follows:

  • Absence of an integrated HSE tools and solutions, for all HSE issues and requirements. Hence, difficult follow up, rigid access to HSE data, hence difficult decision making and tracking of due actions.

  • Scattered systems and tools, used with most major tasks still done manually.

  • Absence of one HSE data repository.

  • Not meeting local and international regulations w.r.t emissions, waste and LTI.

  • Absence of action tracking, resolutions management and follow up tools.

Limited performance management tools. Hence lack of visibility and missing priority issues and tasks.

In summary, high losses, injuries, intensive manual work and weak decision support and response to events and regulations.

The solution

An integrated system, that encompasses all HSE functions under one solution, fully integrated and covering all HSE issues, functions and fully automated is the way forward. The system uses the latest IT technology, automates all HSE functions and meet every industry requirement. The system shall cover at least the following functions.

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