World Natural Gas scenario has changed rapidly in the last decade and Natural Gas is set to play an increasing role in meeting the future energy needs as demand rises across the world. Natural Gas demand has increased by 75% over the past twenty years and its share in the total energy consumption is globally expected to increase from 23% in 2002 to 28% by the end of 2005. Pakistan has proven reserves of 796.32 Bcm (28.10 Tcf) and net annual gas consumption of 34.09 Bcm (1.203 Tcf). At present Pakistan's energy mix comprises 50% of Natural Gas share and there is continuous rise in gas consumption with a target to extend it to about 55%. Paper discusses chronology of Pakistan's Natural Gas starting from first find in 1952 and development of most extensive transmission and distribution network over the years. Conclusively, the paper would focus to demonstrate the upcoming challenges in Pakistan to meet the growing demands in addition to the opportunities that such challenges bring along.


Natural Gas has already played a vital role in shaping the industry outlook and meeting energy demands in North America, Western and Eastern European countries, and industrialized Asia due to its availability and environmental acceptance. The availability of Natural Gas worldwide and specifically the abundance in Middle East, coupled with its environmental acceptability and various applications across all sectors, will continue to play an increasingly important role in meeting demand for energy in the World. Natural Gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources. Natural gas is the most precious energy source which has extremely efficient BTU input to BTU use ratio. It is also a major feedstock for the production of ammonia for use in fertilizer production and a cleaner fuel choice for power plants.

World Natural Gas Scenario

The World gas scenario has changed rapidly in the last decade. Today Natural Gas is the fastest growing primary energy source. Presently world Natural Gas proven reserves are 6,337 Tcf. More than 75% of world gas reserves are held by ten countries, which represent 40% of the total natural gas exports through pipeline and/or LNG. Pakistan is ranked at number 30 and represents 0.4% of world gas reserves.

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