The Oil industry has to face a significant aging of its E&P task force and its correlative retirements in a few years. In preparation for this crew change, a consistent hiring programme of hiring is being implemented within Total both at the Headquarters and in the affiliates worldwide. Giving these new engineers the required skills quickly poses a big challenge.

Once recruited, every new engineer in Geosciences and Reservoir disciplines is given a Training Passport. In other words, he will follow a personalised curriculum corresponding to about 6 months training distributed over a 2 to 4 year period.

This road book is designed to fill the gap between initial – on hiring - and expected skills.

For each discipline – i.e. Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir – the technical skills as well as the Personal and Management development objectives are exhaustively listed. An accurate training path comes from a skill list and the training proposal, both in-house and externally. For the Reservoir Engineering discipline, the list contains: HSE, Induction, G&G basics, Well Data acquisition and Interpretation, Well Performance, Reservoir geo-modelling and simulation, Uncertainties integration, Field Monitoring and Management, Economics, Project Management, etc…

During the Passport implementation, the new engineer is assigned to a Technical Department where he can apply what he has just learned through the specific training courses. The training effort represents on average up to 15% of the yearly working time. Launched in 2003, the Training Passport approach is being extended to all affiliates starting with Western Africa. The Young engineers Training Passport generates consistency in professional disciplines, and increases visibility and anticipation for all actors involved. It provides the young Headquarters engineers with required autonomy before being assigned in affiliates worldwide.

Because it is a skill driven and a long term process, the Training Passport represents a significant cultural change that efficiently allows us to meet the needs of the Company strategy.

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