Conversion of natural gas to liquids (GTL) utilizing Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbon synthesis technology is a viable option to bring gas resources to market. Over the past two decades, ExxonMobil has invested over $600 million dollars in the development of proprietary technology, Advanced Gas Conversion for the 21st Century (AGC21).

This state-of-the-art technology provides an important option for commercialization of natural gas resources that we look forward to implementing in Qatar for the production of fuels, lube basestocks and other specialty products. This paper discusses advances in ExxonMobil's AGC21 technology achieved over the years as a result of a comprehensive research, development and engineering program.


Current day gas-to-liquids options involve multiple processing steps. These options are being advanced in development efforts at a number of locations worldwide.2The effort at ExxonMobil is culminating in a complete, integrated processing scheme, Advanced Gas Conversion for the 21st Century, or AGC-21.3-5

This is part of a wider ranging activity on natural gas, an increasingly important resource that is currently providing about 20% of the world's energy, with demand expected to increase in response to growing environmental concerns. As seen in Figure 1, we are continuing efforts to develop a wide range of technology options such as GTL, while simultaneously working on other gas utilization activities such as the development of high strength steel to improve the economics of long distance pipelines, and our continuing activities to develop and market LNG.

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