The PDO Technical Integrity (TI) management was established to ensure that the directorate assets integrity status comply with the company's TI policy (PL-11).

In addition, the Assets Maintenance Policy and Guidelines have been translated into work schedules in the maintenance management system (SAP) environment (PM module). The guidelines are intended to ensure that facilities operate within their design envelope, and are preserved in a state in which they continue to fulfill their intended functions without causing injury to people or damage to the assets and environment.

The policy also looks to ensure that the redundant assets are properly written off, removed and environment is restored to its original state.

Integrity management in PDO aims to comply fully with the Shell Group minimum standards and the intention is to have the Global process for Integrity Assurance fully embedded.


Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is the major exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman. It accounts for about 90% of the country's crude-oil production and nearly all of its natural-gas supply.

PDO finds, develops and operates natural-gas fields and their associated production systems, all on behalf of the Government of Oman. The Company delivers gas to the Government Gas System, which supplies fuel for most of Oman's power stations and some of its industries, and to the Oman Liquefied Natural Gas (OLNG) plant at Qalhat, near Sur. As part of its gas-production operations, PDO also supplies some 50,000 barrels per day of condensate (liquid hydrocarbons that condense out of natural gas).

PDO has

  • Developed more than 115 oil and gas fields

  • Drilled more than 2,600 wells

  • Explored over a concession area of nearly 114,000 square Kilometers

  • Established a network of 2,700 km of pipelines, 47 gathering stations and 16 production stations

  • Maintained more than 6,000 kilometers of graded roads and more than 600 kilometers of asphalted carriageway

  • Operates six permanent airstrips with three aircraft charted from Oman Aviation for its exclusive use

  • Awarded contracts worth more than $160 million to local community contractors, creating employment for about 1000 Omanis in the interior of the country

  • In 2004 employed more than 4,500 staff, of whom about80% are Omani national

  • Provided work in 2004 for an additional 12,000 or so contracted staff, of whom more than half are Omanis

  • In 2004 dedicated total of 10,414 man-days of training and $3.7 million to develop its people by means of training courses and workshops

  • In 2004 sponsored more than 130 Omanis who are pursuing undergraduate

  • In 2003 cross-posted some 40 Omani employees in foreign oil companies, so that they could acquire international work experience generates about 500 MW of electrical power, mostly for its operations but some of which was supplied to the national power grid.

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