Production logging in horizontal wells is always challenging compared to vertical wells. These challenges include the physical deployment of the tools, presence of restrictions along the horizontal section that complicates the analysis, the huge volume of data from different tools and modes that should be interpreted, and later to make meaningful interpretation from these analyzed data.

The presence of the three phase fluid flow will further complicate production analysis. On the other hand, changes in the flow pattern laterally over the horizontal section result in uneven increase or decrease in the fluid rates. Other fluids slow down their flow rates in relation to different parameters and hole condition.

In order to fully analyze the huge data acquired using different tools, a thorough investigation on the flow patterns and fluid regime is required to quality check the data before processing and interpreting. Once processed, different log data should be separately analyzed and later compared with other available data. Combined analysis show different flow profile over the horizontal section, along with possible geological features.

In this presentation case history from the region is presented and thoroughly discussed. Some intervals are more specifically analyzed and compared to other logs run in order to confirm the outcomes.

The analyzed production log data improved the ability of better optimizing well production rates and managing their integrities within the reservoir.


The use of the combination of different Production Logging Tool (PLT) modes in vertical wells was always practical in finding the flow profile for different phases. Though, the use of the same set of modes has faced a serious challenge in horizontal wells. In horizontal wells, the fluid density, temperature, hold up, pressure and spinner modes have all failed to provide the actual flow profile of different fluids. The segregation of different phases was the challenge to these modes.

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