In low permeable exploration wells, how to minimize formation damage and fracture damage is regarded as an unique goal of hydraulic fracturing design and treatment. Sometimes, an inappropriate fracturing design may even decrease an exploration well's oil production potential as a result of high damage within both formation and fracture, so that an error decision-making may be determined. Therefore, a new fracturing technology of low damage for exploration wells is put forward in the paper, compared with the past conventional fracturing technology, the highlights of the new technology includes:

  1. A new concept of damage is established and demonstrated, it contains not only damage as just mentioned above but also excessive fracture height growth, inappropriate proppant propped pattern and so on;

  2. utilizing the newly developed fracturing fluids such as slick water, low concentration of densifier, linear gel (not cross linked), low molecular weight fluid, etc.;

  3. optimizing the minimum viscosity of fracturing fluid, then optimizing the corresponding pumping rate;

  4. studying the optimum combination of fracturing fluid types and that of proppant type and size in the course of fracturing treatment;

  5. Studying the sensitivity of formation damage and fracture damage to the post-fracturing performance, which may be used to select fracturing treatment parameters inversely;

  6. one of the main optimization target is to minimize fracture propagation length after shut-in so as to obtain an optimized propped profile;

  7. studying the mechanism of water blockage during the course of fracturing treatment and the countermeasures correspondingly.

What's more, above fracturing technology has been put in to field applications and an expected result has also been obtained, so it has a great significance in improving fracturing technology, reservoir evaluation and reservoir development as well.

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