Proceedings Volume Cover
IPTC 10326  
Five Years of the Oil Production Operation in the Russian Arctic Offshore:  
Challenges and Achievements—The Way Forward  
O.V. Karpushin, Sakhalin Energy Investment Co.  
This abstract was prepared for presentation at the 2005 International Petroleum Technology  
Conference held in Doha, Qatar, 21–23 November 2005.  
The posters are based on production data, business plans and  
integrity and reliability data of the Vityaz production complex.  
Presentation covers the period of time from 1999 until the end  
of 2004 and depicts plans for further development.  
accomplishments of the first Russian offshore oil production  
operation. Valuable experience shared by this paper can help  
potential operators of the Russian arctic offshore oil and gas  
fields to shorten their learning curve through better  
understanding of the local conditions and challenges and  
applying similar solutions as those developed by Sakhalin II  
project for its Vityaz production complex operation.  
Russia boasts its vast hydrocarbon reserves of Arctic and Far  
East continental shelf basins. Yet the development of these oil  
& gas riches is impeded by a lack of operational experience in  
adverse conditions where marine activities are constrained by  
heavy ice 6 months in a year, temperatures go down to 35 deg.  
C, logistics are complicated, available industrial infrastructure  
is scarce, labor recourses are limited and statutory  
requirements are often complex. The Sakhalin II development  
represents the largest single foreign direct investment project  
in Russia. Phase 1 of the project has been successfully  
producing oil from the Vityaz Complex since July 1999 while  
at the same time conducting active drilling operations,  
construction and upgrade of facilities.  
- Business Environment, External factors & Local Conditions  
- Project KPIs  
- Specific Requirements & Operations Management Systems  
- Major risks and mitigation plans