This paper introduces the development of a marine diesel engine simulator and proposes a new experimental methodology for self-propulsion test in waves. A marine diesel engine simulator is developed for self-propulsion test of a model ship. This is composed of a servomotor, speed controller, dynamometer and PC. The marine diesel engine simulation program is installed on the PC. Based on mathematical modeling of the engine, this program simulates fuel supply control by governor, torque generation by combustion and shafting system rotation. Inputs are rotating speed and propeller torque measured by dynamometer, and output is target speed to the speed controller of the servomotor. This is a real-time control system of propeller rotating speed, which reflects the characteristics of a marine diesel engine. Using this system, the authors conducted a self-propulsion test of a model ship in waves and checked system operation capabilities. We can measure not only ship motion responses but also the realistic dynamic responses of a ship propulsion system in waves such as propeller load and rotating speed fluctuation, fuel supply rate, etc.

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