This paper presents a numerical simulation of the interaction between focusing waves and a cylinder using a hybrid solver, qaleFOAM, which couples a fully nonlinear potential solver, QALE-FEM, with an incompressible two-phase Navier- Stokes (NS) solver, OpenFOAM, using the domain decomposition approach. In qaleFOAM, a wave is generated by using a piston wavemaker in a large domain governed by the QALE-FEM (fully nonlinear potential theory (FNPT) domain) and propagates into a small subdomain near the cylinder (NS domain), in which OpenFOAM is employed. The wave in the NS domain interacts with the cylinder, enters the downstream of the FNPT domain and is effectively absorbed by a self-adaptive wavemaker at its end. Both the wave elevations and the pressure on the cylinder surface are estimated and compared with the experimental data. Good agreement has been achieved. In addition, different numerical configurations have been attempted, in an effort to examine the effects of the cylinder surface boundary condition and turbulence modeling for such cases.

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