The piezocone penetration test (PCPT) is an effective in-situ testing method for the characterization of saturated clays. While various PCPT-based consolidation analysis methods were developed, uncertainties still exist, which are associated with the type of interpretation methods and model parameter determination. In this paper, a methodology for the analysis of horizontal consolidation using PCPT dissipation test results is explored and proposed for the application in vertical drains. Based on the concept of time-drainage distance relationship, a direct correlation model between field horizontal consolidation and PCPT dissipation processes is proposed. The proposed method refers the whole range of the PCPT dissipation process, and thus more realistic consolidation prediction is expected. PCPT dissipation test results and time-settlement data from the test site are used to evaluate the correlation parameter for the proposed method. In order to validate the proposed method, experimental test results were collected from the literature and used to compare measured and predicted consolidation behavior. It is observed that the results from the proposed method show reasonably close agreement with measured field consolidation settlements.

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