The objective of this paper is to identify ways to accelerate the uptake and fulfill the value potential of Intelligent Energy (IE). The paper is coauthored by a cross-industry group drawn from operators, service providers, and product vendors, all of whom have been involved in the IE arena for 10 years or more. We have analyzed past experiences to identify both ways in which IE has been successful and the improvements that could be made to add value across a broader scale amid the challenges of today's commercial environment. In this paper, assessments are given on IE implementations to identify practical ways in which we can expand deployment and deliver results more quickly, including the importance of collaboration and competition in the IE domain, and how longer-term business models and new organizational ideas could improve the industry's uptake of IE. We have identified two areas in which we believe changes to our approach could deliver significant benefits—through the expanded use of integrated work flows and shared subject-matter-expert (SME) services. We discuss the benefits and challenges of this integrated approach to solution design, work processes, technology, skills, and competencies. Field cases from two major operators are given as best-practice examples on advanced use of IE in the oil-and-gas industry.

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