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Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 38 (01): 73–89.
Paper Number: SPE-208777-PA
Published: 08 March 2023
... & disposal equation calculation efficiency differential rop drilling conference baseline mse use dysfunction wob rpm energy axial united states government paper mse equation mse torque spe drilling energy rot exhibition strength The concept of using the calculated energy consumed...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl (2022)
Paper Number: SPE-212840-PA
Published: 09 November 2022
...-bits on a special sample. The results show that the chord-edge cutter mini-bit has higher efficiency than a conventional mini-bit. The second part of the laboratory experiment investigated the influence of rate of penetration (ROP), revolutions per minute (RPM), and rock types on the drilling...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 36 (04): 849–867.
Paper Number: SPE-205480-PA
Published: 15 December 2021
... these and other ML techniques to predict the rate of penetration (ROP), differential pipe sticking (DPS), drillstring vibration, or other drilling events. Prediction of rheological properties of drilling fluids and estimation of the formation properties was performed in 22% of the publications reviewed. Some...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 36 (02): 320–337.
Paper Number: SPE-204231-PA
Published: 16 June 2021
...Ahmed Z. Mazen; Nejat Rahmanian; Iqbal Mujtaba; Ali Hassanpour Summary Predicting rate of penetration (ROP) has gained considerable interest in the drilling industry because it is the most-effective way to improve the efficiency of drilling and reduce the operating costs. One way to enhance...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 36 (01): 29–46.
Paper Number: SPE-202481-PA
Published: 17 March 2021
...Danial Etesami; Mehrdad G. Shirangi; W. J. Zhang Summary In this paper, we present an accurate semiempirical rate of penetration (ROP) predictive model for polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits. Our model is inspired by the model of Bourgoyne and Young (B&Y) and follows an exponential form...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 34 (04): 426–440.
Paper Number: SPE-192953-PA
Published: 18 September 2019
...Eric Schumacker; Philip Volgelsberg Summary Slimhole well design can reduce well–construction cost through a reduction in steel, fluids, and disposal costs. In the industry, there has been a misconception that slimhole size involves the tradeoff of slower rate of penetration (ROP) and less...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 33 (02): 115–129.
Paper Number: SPE-187644-PA
Published: 02 June 2018
...Shilin Chen; Yazan Khlefat; Chris Cleboski; Seth Anderle; Zakaria Maouche Summary This paper discusses a new and general method of backup-cutter layout to extend bit life without sacrificing rate of penetration (ROP) and two field-case studies. This method includes the following aspects: Ensuring...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 32 (04): 301–311.
Paper Number: SPE-185184-PA
Published: 17 July 2017
...Torbjørn Pedersen; John-Morten Godhavn Summary This work presents a new multivariable controller for management of topside and bottomhole objectives during underbalanced drilling (UBD). A model predictive control (MPC) solution is used to control pressures, rate of penetration (ROP), and flow...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 31 (04): 286–294.
Paper Number: SPE-178815-PA
Published: 26 July 2016
.... This is a significant challenge for fixed PDC bits, requiring a compromise that limits vibration mitigation in some sections of the well and/or top-end rate-of-penetration (ROP) performance in other sections. This paper presents an innovative PDC bit that can self-adjust its DOC-control characteristics...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 30 (01): 17–26.
Paper Number: SPE-170275-PA
Published: 16 March 2015
... of penetration (ROP) in a pressure-critical wellbore environment. Formerly, ROP and bottomhole pressure (BHP) have been considered separate optimization and automation tasks, respectively. This study combines ROP and BHP into a single comprehensive controller for a managed-pressure-drilling (MPD) application...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 29 (01): 47–63.
Paper Number: SPE-163448-PA
Published: 11 February 2014
... is encountered in the shallow part of the wellbore. Conventional design called for roller-cone (RC) (IADC Code 111-115) drill bits on positive-displacement motors (PDMs) in these ultralarge-diameter intervals. Cost savings on drilling fluid alone, in the form of rate-of-penetration (ROP) gains through the salt...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 29 (01): 28–35.
Paper Number: SPE-169812-PA
Published: 30 January 2014
... show that C t increases as nozzle-jet velocity and HSI (hydraulic horsepower per square inch of bit) increase. Comparing C t with rate-of-penetration (ROP) data available in the literature revealed that the rate of C t change is less than that of ROP as HSI changes. C t decreased slightly in a bit...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 28 (04): 338–349.
Paper Number: SPE-168224-PA
Published: 09 December 2013
... and transit formations are detailed in the paper. 8 4 2013 31 10 2013 10 10 2013 9 12 2013 25 3 2013 29 12 2013 Copyright 2013, Society of Petroleum Engineers force-balanced group blade order nose zone cutter group Upstream Oil & Gas cutter layout ROP...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 26 (04): 519–530.
Paper Number: SPE-125093-PA
Published: 27 December 2011
... friedheim concentration investigation WSM december 2011 engineering operation van Oort cutter optimization rop bit design drilling time stability MPSR bit selection pdc bit sandstone downhole motor torque kuwait march 2011 optimize high-pressure high-temperature exploration activity...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 26 (02): 303–316.
Paper Number: SPE-134580-PA
Published: 26 May 2011
... 26 5 2011 20 9 2010 13 6 2011 Copyright 2011, Society of Petroleum Engineers real time system borehole quality Upstream Oil & Gas Artificial Intelligence Dupriest footage hole section june 2011 redesign whirl limiter wob drilling operation ROP instability NPT...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 26 (01): 96–103.
Paper Number: SPE-128741-PA
Published: 01 March 2011
... and whirl at high RPM. This gives the hybrid bit a wider operating window and greatly improves toolface control in directional drilling. The hybrid drill bit is a highly application-specific drill bit aimed at (1) traditional roller-cone applications that are rate-of-penetration (ROP) limited, (2) large...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 26 (01): 104–114.
Paper Number: SPE-114635-PA
Published: 10 February 2011
... in the achievement of the project goal with the drilling of the entire 22-in. section with one bit from shoe to shoe. The performance improvements in the trial wells gave substantial increases in rate of penetration (ROP) and reduced drilling times. The latest designs of TCI bits were the result of an extensive...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 24 (04): 508–517.
Paper Number: SPE-110708-PA
Published: 23 December 2009
... reports, digital data, technical literature, and engineering analysis for the two wells. A cumulative fatigue analysis (CFA) modeling technique taking into account specific well conditions [i.e., wellbore geometry, rotary speed, rate of penetration (ROP), hook load, and drillstring configuration...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 22 (03): 217–226.
Paper Number: SPE-99880-PA
Published: 19 September 2007
... Oil & Gas Thonhauser completion real-time rig-sensor data case study performance indicator wellbore treatment time september 2007 ROP connection time SPE Drilling drilling time analysis information operation recognition reporting BHA run real time system knowledge management...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 21 (02): 99–107.
Paper Number: SPE-89534-PA
Published: 19 June 2006
... quality along the wellbore, on the basis of the volume-equalized power-law model. Tests were conducted to determine the effects of inclination angle, foam quality, foam velocity, and rate of penetration (ROP) on cuttings transport. Results from this study show that the in-situ cuttings concentration...

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