The Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) marketplace is lacking standardization and therefore the ability to afford CCS projects consideration as Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), under UNFCCC. There is an international push to change this and recognize CCS as a CDM. If recognition occurs, then the ultimate goal of CCS as a CDM may be realized. This process is beginning with a bi-national effort between the United States and Canada. CSA Standards, a leading developer of standards, codes and personnel certification programs, and the International Performance Assessment Centre for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide (IPAC-CO2 Research Inc.) have partnered to develop a bi-national American-Canadian carbon capture and storage (CCS) standard for the geologic storage of carbon dioxide (GSC).

The GSC standard will be developed by leading North American experts and, upon completion, will be the world's first formally recognized CCS standard. It is intended that the new standard will be used as a basis for the promotion of international standards through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is expected that ISO standardization and certification will follow.


It is safe to say that Carbon Capture and Storage (or Sequestration) (CCS) is an essential part of the climate change portfolio. It is also safe to say that the vast majority of those in the CCS industry believe that use and acceptance of CCS has to be expanded. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is leading the way in the short term doing the early heavy lifting. The early entry of CCS by EOR is limited however to the EOR producing regions of the US and Canada. EOR is also limited to funding or economics that make the use of CCS possible - better put - in the short term, CCS can't exist without EOR. In order to expand the acceptance, and more importantly the deployment of CCS beyond EOR, pilot, and first of a kind installations - and more importantly to deploy CCS in developing economies - CCS needs some help. The Tenth Annual Carbon Capture & Sequestration Conference in Pittsburgh, PA was aptly titled: Building on a Decade of Progress to Assure Commercial Deployment. Many in attendance suggest that CCS's much needed assistance may come in the form of CCS as part of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

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