Liquid entrainment fraction is an essential parameter in the calculation of the pressure drop and liquid holdup in multiphase flow lines, as well as in separator sizing. Liquid entrainment has been studied for several decades and several models and correlations have been published for its prediction. This study focuses on the evaluation of select entrainment fraction prediction models. Experimental data on liquid entrainment with hydrocarbon fluids in a 3-inch horizontal pipe at 8,375 kPa are presented and compared with predicted values. Two model improvements are proposed and the differences between predicted and experimental values are reduced by up to 17%.


This work represents the continuation of a study previously presented by Viana et al. 2016(1). This Part 2 paper provides additional data and covers the prediction of entrainment fraction. The data presented in this document include entrainment fraction values obtained from testing in a 3-inch diameter horizontal pipe using hydrocarbon fluids at 8,375 kPa operating pressure.

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