The present work shows the methodology followed in order to implement and validate a sand transport model within a commercial multiphase simulator. Several published correlations for critical velocity, i.e. the velocity required to maintain suspended the sand particles, were investigated and benchmarked. The results obtained show an excellent match against experimental data in both single-phase and multiphase flow configurations and for either deposition or entrainment conditions. The proposed methodology is deemed to contribute to an efficient sand management strategy because it is accurate and easy to implement for flow assurance engineers.


Sand management in multiphase flow operated pipelines is crucial in both onshore and offshore fields. As a matter of fact, solid particles can be produced from the reservoir and either transported or accumulated in the flow-lines. Therefore, many problems can be caused by the sand production, e.g. increase of frictional pressure, flow path obstruction and capacity reduction, erosion and bacteriological corrosion.

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