Severe slugging can exist in many subsea flow lines that can upset topsides facilities. There are several techniques to control the severe slugging. Most of these techniques result in pressure increase at the topside reducing the production.

In this paper, a new passive technique is presented to eliminate the severe slugging. The new technique requires a flow line consisting of various consecutive upward and downward segments that help better mixing of the gas and liquid phases. This configuration does not contain any diameter reductions, and thus would allow pigging operation. The method may potentially reduce or eliminate terrain-induced severe slugging in subsea risers, allow higher production rates without choking and provide a potential solution to deepwater fields which are starting to experience severe slugging.

The commercial dynamic multiphase pipeline simulator OLGA® showed terrain slugging elimination with the presented method. Pilot scale trial of this method was successfully performed at the severe slugging facility of the University of Tulsa. In this paper, the experimental results and OLGA® predictions will be presented.

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