It is important for the safety professional to understand the role of the insurance/risk manager within their organization. Although the disciplines overlap they are often operating in silos and don't do a good job working with each other to optimize results and effectiveness. The session will cover the following items.

Understanding Risk Managers Goals and Mindset

  • Perspectives of those outside the profession on what a risk manager does and worries about.

  • The risk management function, items risk managers get involved in and what they influence

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Strategic Risks

  • Financial Risks

  • Operational Risks

  • Hazard Risks

  • The comparison of the risk manager and safety roles

  • Risk Manager

  • Risk Avoidance

  • Risk Reduction

  • Risk Transfer

  • Risk Retention

  • Safety Manager

  • Navigation, interpretation, and application of regulations

  • Risk assessment/audit

  • Design of engineering, work practice, and administrative controls

  • Training and communication

  • Goals of the risk manager

  • Ideally be integral component of all business operations

  • Minimize premium and insurance costs while maximizing insurance coverage

  • Manage claims and related expenditures

  • Regulatory compliance (SOX, OSHA, DOT, EPA, ACA, EEOC, FMLA, etc.)

  • Favorable Contract Terms (Risk Transfer)

  • Minimize impact of lawsuits

  • Crisis Management

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