The International Network of Safety Health Professional Organizations (INSHPO) developed The OHS Professional Capability Framework to provide greater clarity around the generalist Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) professional role.

The Framework defines the role of the OHS professional, as well as the requisite knowledge and skills. The framework promotes a high standard of capability among OHS professionals and, in turn, informs employers and regulators as to the capabilities of OHS professionals. The sections on knowledge and skills provide benchmarks for education and training bodies and OHS professional associations in their development of the detail of certification schemes, educational programs, and continuing professional development.

INSHPO has developed this framework to:

  • Facilitate a shared understanding of the difference in roles of the OHS professional and the OHS practitioner;

  • Position the OHS professional as a key advisor, strategist, and leader in fully integrating the management of OHS risk into sustainable business practice;

  • Position the OHS practitioner as a skilled implementer of OHS activities and an effective OHS supporter and communicator at the site level.

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