It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then a moving picture, with words, must be priceless.

In the past, trying to produce your own movies was expensive and required a lot of pricey, sophisticated equipment. Today's technology now makes it possible to create movies showing your employees in your company doing exactly what you are training them to do. This session will demonstrate how to make a short movie produced in house using low-cost equipment that is readily available.

Getting Started - General Tips

  • You may have some content already on the shelf. Look through your old files and see what is available.

  • Be cautious of the Copyright; do not use copyrighted (whole or in part) materials without written permission.

  • Practice a little before starting your final shoot; remember the old adage, "film is cheap."

  • Keep all your video clips in one folder on your local hard drive. Working off of an external drive or server tends to be inefficient (connections are usually slow for transferring large video files).

  • Save often, more than you think may be necessary; just trust us on this one.

  • When making videos, especially when starting out, shorter is better. Start with 30-second to one-minute clips, and then work your way up.

  • Remember, this IS NOT PowerPoint with animation. Capture the action, and make it flow. There are no bullet points in movies!

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