This paper will outline a compelling rationale for shifting emphasis from risk management to critical control management, especially as applied to the prevention and management of an event with high people, material and/or reputational cost, referred to as a ‘Material Unwanted Event’ (MUE).

A Critical Control Management Process (CCM) will be outlined as a schema for understanding and managing MUEs. Within this process the concept of ‘leadership’ as a distinct act will be presented as being applicable regardless of the nature and type of MUE. The Bow Tie Analysis methodology will illustrate how a ‘failure of leadership’ within the application of the CCM process will lead to a MUE.

The generic Leadership Critical Control Acts that are required to maintain the integrity of the CCM process and remove, or otherwise minimise or mitigate the likelihood of an MUE occurring will be identified. The Global Safety Index's (GSI) online data analytic platform will be introduced as a system for its global community to capture and report on the measurement and verification of the leadership Acts. The presentation will conclude with an outline of a research project designed to field test the application of the Leadership Critical Control Acts within a range of different industries.

A Critical Control Management Process

Critical control management is an integral part of risk management that focuses on identifying and managing the controls that are critical to preventing catastrophic or fatal events. Critical controls can either prevent a serious incident from happening in the first place or minimise the consequences if a serious accident was to occur.

This document contains excerpts from the ICMM Critical Control Management Implementation Guide. The full 60-page Implementation Guide can be downloaded at The excerpts cover the origins and history, a discussion of the benefits of implementing a CCM process as well as key challenges faced in implementation.

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