ANSI/ASSE Z490 Standard on EHS Training has been available for a decade and a half and few EHS departments use it. The question is of course why not use it? Is it fear of the unknown? Do EHS professionals and trainers think it will limit their training or "handcuff" them to unnecessary requirements? There seem to be many false myths which will be dispelled.

Not only that but also this paper will demonstrate that one can have a rockin' EHS training program, complete with adult learning principles, and still comply with Z490! One should never "settle" for second best when it comes to EHS training – it's too damn important!

This paper will address many questions including:

  1. What are the major sections of Z490?

  2. What are some recent updates to Z490?

  3. If we adopt it, what are we then obligated to do?

  4. How can it really help our EHS training program?

  5. What other questions might people have?

Major Sections of ANSI/ASSE Z490

There are seven sections and four annexes in Z490. They are:


  1. Scope, Purpose, and Application

  2. Definitions

  3. Management of a Comprehensive Training Program

  4. Training Program / Course Development

  5. Training Delivery

  6. Training Evaluation

  7. Documentation and Recordkeeping


  1. References

  2. Training Course Development Guidelines

  3. Safety, Health, and Environmental Trainer's Checklist

  4. Virtual Learning

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