I will "do" safety until I can no longer walk around a jobsite. Heck, even if I can't walk around, I'll probably still be at my desk doing phone surveys, webinars, or writing programs! The life cycle of a safety career can be long if you'd like. I don't care how you entered the profession, you can make it last by doing some important things.

My vision for you as a safety professional is that, after years of hard work in the corporate world, you are able to enjoy a flexible lifestyle by transitioning to a consulting or independent contractor role. You know, write your own ticket, and set your own hours.

Even if your transition from corporate life is many years in the future, start planning NOW. And on the flipside, if you're approaching retirement, it is not too late for you to take my advice so you can put your best safety self forward.

A Challenge to the Participant

This presentation will challenge the attendee to look at their current career and goals in a different way. I will guide attendees to take a personal and individual look at their career to identify how they can maximize all opportunities available to them. Attendees will learn to take stock of themselves as safety professionals. This is important for those who have worked for companies their entire careers, and are now looking at a future in consulting. I will provide tools for assessing skills as a well-rounded safety professional, with information on how to sharpen skills that are identified as needing improvement.

A large part of the presentation will focus on planning for "alternate employment" instead of traditional retirement. My vision is that all safety professionals will be ready at any time for a transition from corporate life to a flexible consulting or independent contractor role. This "alternate employment" can be a goal for retirement, or used as needed between positions, especially for those in construction and similar industries with frequent movement.

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