Demands on the Oil & Gas industry are driving continual improvement in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) performance, which in turn the business performance of an organization. The use of vehicles for people/ material transportation is a fundamental business requirement in today's industry operations. The combination of moving people and material on roads also introduces significant risks, hazards, and safety challenges to our industry and the communities in which we operate.

Like Industrial incidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents also severely affect the company's HSE Performances. Road traffic fatalities, injuries and trauma constitute serious social problems, bringing adverse effects on the quality of life, which is not only an organizational concern but also an important national issue.

This paper describes one successful approach of dealing road safety issues that has been implemented by one of the biggest on-shore Oil & Gas organizations in the Middle Eastern region. Much emphasis was placed on understanding the Middle Eastern Social Culture, understanding the organizational culture besides the State Regulations and then designing and implementing the program to suit the norms and requirements, which has brought significant positive results over the years.


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is a major subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and is giant Oil and Gas Organization with its activities spread across the State of Kuwait with thousands of employees (consisting of both company & contractor employees). Kuwait Oil Company is a. KOC's responsibilities include the exploration, drilling, and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The challenge for safe driving is affected with adverse weather conditions and behavioral aspects of other road users. KOC recognizes the importance of safe driving in the conduct of business activities and operations

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) continue to be one of the major HSE challenges in KOC. The challenge of improved road safety multiplied with dynamic scenario of fast pace of growth, new projects, changing people in Company & Contractors, HSE culture, behavior and priorities along with increased number of vehicle movements within company premises, enhances the speed related issues.

KOC strongly believes that road related incidents are preventable / avoidable, and each issue / problem pertaining to road can be addressed systematically and methodical manner for suitable remedy.

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