Our nation's favorite form of communication depends on radio-frequency radiation-producing wireless antennas. The popularity of this technology is obvious to the end-user with the abundance of smart phones, laptops, tablets and other devices in use today. However, what is not apparent to most are the massive networks of wireless antennas that tether all of us together instantly.

The RF radiation produced from just one of these wireless antennas can be several hundred times that of a cell phone, and is recognized by science and the federal government as being harmful to humans. By the very ubiquitous nature of wireless antennas, workers are routinely compelled to work in front of, and in close proximity to these devices.

In addition to the harm to human beings, various entities have financial liability on this issue which emanates from their multiple roles as FCC licensee, site owner, site operator, lessor, lessee, employer, employer of third-party contractors/subcontractors and their employees. In conjunction, every wireless antenna has the potential to create liability. It is estimated that financial exposure could exceed $124 billion.

Most entities fail to associate the intricacies of wireless communications with human RF radiation over-exposure and its potentially catastrophic financial consequences. This issue most often falls under the category of "out of sight, out of mind," and most likely will be ignored until the trial lawyers become involved. At that point, it will be too late to avoid long-term litigation and substantial monetary losses.

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