Safety training needs to meet the needs of the audience; nutritious to meet regulatory requirements; easy to digest and, understood; and, delicious so they will want more. Store bought programs may meet the requirements, but are sometimes tough to digest, leave a bad taste in the participant's mouths, and don't fit the culture or environment. It doesn't taste like homemade.

Homemade is better. It makes the seemingly complex, believable and achievable. Operational/employee based and developed training is not just relevant or applicable, but tailored to their tasks, environment and culture. Current technological improvements can actually add more flavor to your recipe.

Our recipe starts off with the various ingredients available off of the shelf to enable anyone to create a homegrown recipe for success. We will take look at current tools, training aids, and tips to allow participants to create their own unique recipe. This presentation and the associated paper will be your cookbook for future success.

Just like looking in the ice cream section of your supermarket, see how the Sodexo organization managed to develop a recipe providing many unique and different flavors (languages) in a format that was both appealing to the taste buds and universally accepted. All without including one seemingly important ingredient – WORDS.

Even with the wide variety and selection of different ingredients opportunities need be given to organizations, individuals need to infuse their own distinct flavor into the product. NMS provided their employees with the shopping cart, which they filled with all of their unique homemade ingredients. They also figured out how to serve this unique concoction in something other than the typical bowl. Participants will walk away seeing how these folks but their product into their own unique hand held devices, and we are not talking about cones.

In today's session, we will look at a number of different methods and training tools that will make your next training session the best yet.

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